Science Lab


Our library holds an impressive collection of all the important and relevant titles in almost areas of knowledge needed for an educator. Students also get to read almost all notable periodicals and newspapers and can effectively make use of our lending facility. We have enormous collection of various texts books that caters the needs of every teacher students.

ICT Center

Established with the aim to familiarize our students with the latest developments in Information Technology that is relevant to an educator in these fast changing times. We make it a point to equip the future educators who graduate from here with the skill in Information and Communication Technology which would be an inevitable part of the learning process of future generations. Students can also make use of the 24 hr internet facility here.

Meditation Hall

We have a notable meditation space in our college that provide opportunities for Yoga and Physical Education through on-campus and off-campus activities. Activities are coordinated by the Yoga instructor and student leaders. Through this we have cultivated a lifestyle of growth and enrichment among the students that in turn make the individual more socially healthy person with positive attitude.

Techonology ResourceCenter

This resource center with all its modern technology equipments and aids is an important asset of the institution. Students can make use of various equipments like LCD and OHP projectors, Multimedia computers, and Digital cameras for study, presentations and lots more.

Language Laboratory

Effective communication between the teachers and students is very important and it is from the way that teachers speak that children learn the good use of language. Our language lab takes care of the phonetics skills of our students who are also future teachers.

Productive Skills Workshop

Almost everyone is gifted with one productive skill or the other like painting, craft works, cooking, gardening etc. We conduct workshops in many such areas so that the life skills of our students may be enhanced.

Psychology Lab

We are equipped with a well furnished Psychology lab.Various psychological tools and techniques are used for designing and conducting experiments.Lab demonstrations offer a hands-on practical experience that both supplements and augments the coursework and lectures experienced by students.