About Us

About Us

BSS B Ed Training College –Creating Future Leaders since 1984.

BSS B Ed. Training College, Alathur started with a vision of promoting Quality teacher education since 2005. The College is situated at Alathur in Palakkad District of Kerala. The College is managed by "Sidhashramam" Alathur, a reputed spiritual and cultural organization of Kerala. The founder of the college is Swami Nirmalanda Yogi,

As Swami Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi envisioned, Education is the greatest Wealth a human can acquaint on the Earth. The Second President of Independent India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who himself was a teacher once noted that a true teacher inspires. The College aspires to produce quality teachers who can lead and guide the future generation of our nation through moulding their hidden talents thereby cultivating values which would make them a well human being. The college has already set new benchmarks in the field of education and we are in the journey of nurturing young and enthusiastic talents towards the field of teaching.

Our Motto

Ya Vidya Sa Vimukthaye

Affiliated to University of Calicut
No. G.A.I/D4/1929/05 dt. CU 23.06.2006
Recognized by NCTE.
NCTE affiliation No.

Our Vision

To be the Epitome of Humanity

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु

“May everyone, in the whole world, be happy”

Our Mission

  • To empower future teachers to become real leaders of world peace.
  • To nurture the divine inner resources and to evolve as an integrated personality.
  • To develop a self-restrained, self-reliant and selfless human beings for the entire universe.
  • To equip prospective teachers with a global outlook imbued with India’s rich heritage of cultural and spiritual values.

Eternal Values

  • Promote spiritual, ethical and value-based leadership with integrity.
  • Develop an abiding inner persuasion to be spiritual and committed for the wholesome development of the universe.
  • Grow love and respect for our country and her universal cultural values.
  • Manifest educatedness- The capacity to strive towards their own well-being and the well-being of others.
  • Cultivate equanimity of mind for inner peace and happiness.

About The Society

The BSS B Ed Training College is owned and managed by BSS Educational Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1985 The societies has its own working head quarters in Alathur Palakkad, 28 km from the District Collectorate, Palakkad on the side of Palakkad –Thrissur Road. The campus has an extent of over 5 acres of land. B S S Senior Secondary School is functioning in the campus. A team of 7 inspiring team of management manage the affairs of the Institution. The society established in the year ------based on the principles and ideologies of Swamy Brahmananda Swamy Sivayogi, Swamy Nirmalanada is the founder head of the society.

Brahmananda Swamy Sivayogi

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi (August 26, 1852 - September10, 1929) founded the Ananda Maha Sabha and Anandamatham (religion of bliss). He propounded the theory that ananda (happiness or bliss) should be the touchstone of any human activity. The movement he spearheaded played an important role in the renaissance of Kerala society. Swamiji’s philosophical ideas based on human values depicts clearly the purity of life and thought and its deep impact on character and morality. Swami Sivayogi has woven the whole ideas into the basic tenets of humanity and religious purification. His divine thoughts are eternally useful for teachers, scholars, students and the whole community who respect human values and morality.

Sivayogi was not just a preacher of a particular religion. His preaching contained all good qualities of world religions. He never stood for a particular class of people. His religion was both for human beings and all the creatures of the world. It is a scientific and universal religion.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi educational institutions are following the path of Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi to realize the dream of making educational institutions a temple of learning.

Yogini Matha High School

Swami Nirmalanda Yogi

The founder of BSS group of institutions, Swami Nirmalananda Yogi the disciple of Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi envisioned education as the greatest wealth a human can acquaint on earth. It is the aim of the institutions to participate in the task of inculcating necessary knowledge, skills, creative attitudes and values among the youth of this country to contribute more effectively towards establishing an equitable social and economic order and the secular ideals of our nation.